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5 Seguranças
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Inicio: Sábado dia 15/04/2017 a partir das 16 horas.
Termino: Domingo 7 horas da manhã (Previsto).
Cachê: R$ 430,00 Por pessoas pago em dinheiro
no final do evento.
Será fornecido aos selecionados vestimentas e calçados.
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    2. & Craig – I think it would be fair to interpret Kirby’s notion of a subgenre “colonial regret” as being a subgenre that fits in multiple genres. Therefore, I’d agree that Dune is in the scifi genre and I’d also agree that it is colonial regret. But it is safe to say that there are films in the western genre that also fit in a “separate but same” subgenre of colonial regret, etc…..Great piece Kirby.

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    1. Love love love this quilt – even back when you were putting it together – have a sort of related question – I haven't used my embroidery machine hardly at all – been asked to make a twin size for my grand-nephew – he's train crazy so was thinking about a train embroidery cd I saw at Nancy Ziemans. My question for you is what kind of fabric did you use when you embroidered the parts to this quilt? Just regular quilping-tyte cotton? I did just receive a sampler type of stabilizers so can try some of that. Any hints you can give me mucho appreciated. Diana

    1. Cuando yo iba al gimnasio había un monitor que explicaba todo muy bien y andaba vigilando a ver si hacía alguna cosa mal Algo que a muchos garrulos de gimnasio hacía falta jejej Una vez a uno que estaba haciendo press banca con un monton de kilos le dijo “Así solo estás ejercitando tu ego” ufff lo que me pude reis xD

    2. And outside of speculation into the area of wishlisting, I’d like to see Gillard turn Social Inclusion and/or Volunteering from one-of-the-Minstries-that’s-run-by-two-APS-level-fives-out-of-a-cubicle-in-PM&C into a Ministry proper with a senior person in the job.

    3. venter vi vel bare pÃ¥ det første snøfallet, men – kanskje burde du som et alternativ til snøfreser vurdere en brukt liten ‘minitraktor’? De finnes, vett’u, og de kan pÃ¥monteres bÃ¥de plog, freser, henger som kan være til hjelp om du vil skjære egen skog, frakte materialer til/fra, tilhenger osv. Du skulle jo likevel bygge en egen carport inn i terrenget? Hva med Ã¥ gjøre den litt bredere nÃ¥r du først er i gang med gravemaskinen?

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    5. RobertHello, all new at this, Iam a firm believer and have been for sometime now. Transformed from who i was to who i am, PRAISE GOD for that. I am newly divorced with a nine yr. old daughter who is with me every other weekend right now. Would like to see if there just might be the right woman out there somwhere for me. Looking for fellowship right now and a chance to get to know someone with same interests  

    6. Speaking about dragons, what’s your opinion of Nomi Novak’s series set in the time of the Napoleonic Wars? These books appear to fall effortlessly from her young fingers … appealing to both young and mature readers.As her dragons are intelligent and vocal, they’re really not like the Pern offerings.As for Patrica Briggs, I recently fell into her fantastic novels … good for young readers, too.

    7. Hi Kim,Yeah…I wish I hadn’t waited so long to order, but what are ya gonna do? At least this way I’ll be prepared for next Thanksgiving, ha!Have you started your holiday shopping yet? I’ve picked up some random gifts here and there throughout the year, but I still have a long way to go. Gonna try to get it all done in the next couple of weeks, though.

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    7. While he might have been victimized, at least Pardus isn’t wearing pink Spock panties, Vincent (!) (At least, I don’t think so. Nawwwwww. Not a Brooklyn boy!)For those to whom it might apply, take your pink panties OFF your head, and put ‘em back on your younger sexually dichotomous sibling, fer chrissakes! It’s cutting off the blood to your brain!

    8. Ååå; for ein herlig skjønn og sjarmerandes liten kar!Syns han ser sÃ¥ stor ut. Om nokre veker er det Veslemøy sin tur til Ã¥ feira sin dag; glede meg allerede :)Skikkelig tøff frisyre han har fÃ¥tt; nesten som ein liten (mini)idol-danse-Atle; og det kan me vel lika?!Kosa deg og nyta dagane med vetle Hans og dei to litt større skjønne!Helsing I.T 🙂

    9. Claudia4-4-2010 Es obvio! que aqui quisieron poner mal a Arjona…osea no pueden decir que Arjona no esta a la altura de Fito… es cosa de ver, quien tiene mas admiradores, quien llena mas conciertos, quien tiene mas fans… no son objetivos, y esta claro que varias personas lo envidian, siempre lo atacaran con fines de alargar un poco mas su agonia musical… lo que me parece raro es que Arjona le siguiera el juego, creo que ya esta cansado que desvalorizen su trabajo con frases que lo descalifican

    10. Does Julianna Marguiles have incriminating pictures on some powerful people?She is incredibly bland and her show is nothing at all special and yet she is winning nearly every award in sight. How absurd. Outstanding individual achievement in drama?? Over Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul? Jon Hamm? Katey Sagal? Michael C Hall and John Lithgow? Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton? Glenn Close? Absurd.

    11. stop it, ashley I literally just cried watching this video. perfect setting for yall, perfect song to capture the feeling of you both, everything was so perfect!!! I can’t wait to meet Tyman for real! haha what a great post to start the holiday week off right! miss yall!!

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    2. merci de cet article, qui relaie ce que j’ai vécu, et d’autres autour de moi, et notamment que la plupart des commissariats inventent des critères pour vous e^mpêcher de faire la procuration…Montargis, il faut voter ou habiter la ville (ah bon ?)…paris 10 eme, il faut voter ou travailler dans l’arrondissement (nouveaux critères…), je reparts à l’étranger sans avoir pu faire cette procuration…

    3. : Heu, pour l’instant (mais ça sera vite corrigé … j’espère), quand on clique sur l’image ou le texte « la valse des logos bio » on tombe sur … le réveillon de crise (mais ce n’est pas réciproque !). Vous avez eu la flemme de faire deux copier-coller de lien, vous avez mis le même partout ?

    4. September 17, 2009  07:11 by HeidiI agree with you – having facilitated over 40 of these workshops the past 10 years and applying in various situations, addressing completely different topics, I can safely say that every organisation benefited every time. It flattens hierarchy, it allows for complexity to be understood and it creates context for the discussion during the workshop as well as afterwards. Many clients uses the intrinsic philosophy of “building” thinking to different levels and application.

    5. Utente Anonimo24/11/2011Bellissimo lo sfogo di Victor, che però mi porta a modificare leggermente (ma forse radicalmente) la conclusione del post di A.T., là dove dice “Forse, nel futuro, conviene proiettarsi con l’intero corpo. E, magari, con un briciolo in più di anima.” Io direi “Forse, nel futuro, conviene proiettarsi con l’intero corpo. E, magari, tenendolo sempre ben connesso con l’intera anima”.

    6. Dear James,The two primary ways in which Arminians mean Christ death was sufficient for all are: Christ is willing and able to save everyone. Do Calvinist mean it in the same way?I understand there’s some incidental benefits to Christ’s death, such as the reprobate may be restrained from evil, if, let’s say, the founding fathers of their country set things up in such a way that certain moral evils are illegal… But that’s fairly far from Christ being willing and able to save everyone.God be with you,Dan

    7. Så vackert! Jag upphör aldrig att förvånas över att man kan upptäcka nya, spännande, härliga detaljer i naturen också då man går samma gamla runda om och om igen. Ibland behöver jag påminna mig om hur viktigt det är att verkligen komma ut!

    8. Youre so awesome, man! I cant believe I missed this blog for so long. Its just great stuff all round. Your design, man…too amazing! I cant wait to read what youve got next. I love everything that youre saying and want more, more, MORE! Keep this up, man! Its just too good.

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    1. Estava desempregado a 2 anos e entrei trabalhar no serviço publico atraves de concurso em julho 2011 , agora no 10 12 2012 fui receber o pis e não consegui o pessoal da empresa alega que eu não tenho direito pq não estava trabalhando antes de carteira assinada e fui saber atraves da net que meu RAIS esta negativo o devo fazer ?

    2. In the patented Kris style, for sure, but still inspirational. That client remark of your reminds me of how in American Splendor Harvey wakes up in the night, terrified, then sighs with relief “I have a job” before going back to sleep. On another note, I think the only way you can make people even more jealous of you is to go from a I-work-from-home situation to I-work-my-dream-job-on-my-own-terms situation. Bastard.

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    4. Hurra for deg!!!!! Eg er hundre% enig. Med frk dings mista me pappapernisjonen dÃ¥ husbonden ikkje hadde mulighet til Ã¥ ta ut permisjon. Som sjølvstendig næringsdrivande er det ikkje berre Ã¥ ta fri………Dessuten synes eg og at det faktisk er opp til kvar enkelt familie Ã¥ bestemme korleis dei vil dele permisjonen, ikkje myndighetene! SÃ¥ aplaus til deg:0)Klem:0)

    5. This is a joke, right?! A role model implies someone you should aspire to be like. Kandi and Tamar are the only two that I have any level of respect for and I am insulted that VIBE would even print and attempt to sell this. If Evelyn and Chrissy are the type of women VIBE wants are young girls to resemble we are in BIG trouble. I don’t buy this crap magazine for this very reason.

    6. Greetings, Lyn.When Leo and I packed into the second row of a scrum together in the seconds all those years ago computers and the internet were in the far distant future. I got my first one when I was 57, so there’s hope for the old dog yet!Actually the cathedrals and churches really got to me even more than castles and the persistence of the Germans for example in Nüremberg, which was hit something dreadful by the bombing, but they’ve put them all back the way they were.

    7. io scrive:5 ottobre 2012 alle 10:33Comunque, se posso dare un contributo costruttivo, da notizie assunte, al 31.12.2013 tutto il personale interessato alla Revisione degli organici riceverà una comunicazione scritta con la quale gli sarà comunicata la risoluzione unilaterale del rapporto di lavoro.” cosa vuol dire che sei licenziato ?ti mandano via senza pensione?spiega meglio!

    8. perhaps its a warning: dare to wear red kickers, then hide your face because history tells us you will be at the harsh end of a shoeing!? Also, I’d be quite scared to ‘Meet the Kickers’, they sound like a right nasty bunch of bastards.

    9. Réfléchissez avant de cliquer….. trop d’informations là-bas…. la plus grande partie erronée ou missinterpreted…. Merci pour la magnifique présentation en ligne de ce livre… et bonne chance pour le spectacle!

    1. Jane, I appreciate you bringing up the OCD issue. I really think Robert has these tendencies because he is so routine driven and "needs" to have a certain kind of toothpaste, underarm deoderant, etc. It's impossible to convince him to use something different. The brain continues to fascinate me! I'm sorry for your meltdown on Sunday. It's clear we all have them and have to forgive ourselves and move on. Enjoy your day and give yourself a break too. 🙂

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    3. Barracuda:Zo lang deze zaak niet opgelost was?!?!?Nu is de kans dat een volgend complot dat uit hun pen nog serieus genomen wordt,tot nul gereduceerd.Lekker suggestief.De zaak is ten eerste nog niet opgelost.Nu is de kans dat……….Je voldoet hier aan een prachtig voorbeeld van een tactiek die bekend staat als ,monddood maken van de boodschapper,

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    1. Oui, sans doute le meilleur moyen pour rebondir sur quelque chose dont tu as vraiment envie ^^Pfff… moi je suis coincée dans l&ern;#9t3eprise familiale, adieu rêves….Je me dis toujours, après un coup dur, que le meilleur reste à venir Je t'envoie plein de courage et des gros becs… et oui, fonce !

    1. hi…also have the olympus SW 1030..but we have some problems with regards to the audio of the video…do you also have the same prob? there’s this thudding sound that comes once in a while in every video that we take. we went to a service center and they insist that it’s normal…but we really doubt that cause it really disrupts the beauty of every video that we take…..

    2. Ah c’est marrant, j’ai voulu acheter ce sac chez Zara, j’ai eu un coup de coeur ! Concernantn Dran : non je n’ai pas vu son book sur la télévision, mais t’façon, j’comptais aller m’acheter le plus de choses possibles le concernant, je suis fan de c’qu’il fait. Vraiment.

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    5. Juliet Waters: Your response to the Lehrer issue is the most intelligent and humane I’ve come across. Thanks. I’m going to pass this on to friends who’ve been following the story. Of course, we were surprised by some of Lehrer’s lapses, but the ensuing feeding frenzy over the fallen writer–now it’s down to lists of names he misspelled–is way more creepy. It smacks more of hallway-monitor opportunism than deep concern for journalist standards.

    6. your interpretation and Sailer's denial are both off the mark. It's fairly obvious that at a minimum, given what Sailer wrote in his post, he believes Asian Americans have benefited from an easier SAT verbal section. So clearly his suggestion to make the SAT verbal as hard as it used to be before the post 1995 change is designed to reduce the Asian-white gap somewhat. Of course, I'm not sure I understand why he then wants to dilute the weighting of this supposedly more g-loaded SAT by placing a large focus on AP tests.

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    1. I’m glad you’re back home safely and sound! I’m anxious to see your pictures of your trip – they will be so interesting! You had to go to work the day after you got home, didn’t you? What did you do? Schools here are having pictures taken of the kids and I immediately thought of you; will you be doing that too? Bye for now and g’night. Grammy

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    1. Det är somalier som brukar ha tio barn. Förresten, vet ni att det INTE är rekommenderad till turister att resa till Somalia, för att Somalia är det SÄMSTA och FARLIGASTE landet i hela världen (enligt experter)? Enligt Göteborgs-Posten, fÃ¥r mer än Ã¥tta av tio (!!!) somalier permanent uppehÃ¥llstillstÃ¥nd i Sverige…….

    2. · Ha, Richard, ironically, flowers were one of the few wedding details we didn’t deal with. My brothers-in-law picked up a bunch of bouquets from Trader Joe’s the day before the wedding for centerpieces, and a friend made my bouquet for me.

    3. hey my man Rob , deffo see that your chest is more full and less loose flesh round the titty area . generally more shape top to toe my man !still hard to tell what your real build is as for sooo long now the videos look stretched up and proportions arent right ( due to cam or video renderer ) .please fix vids soon levrone ! cheers . Keep at it Rob

    4. Being a prime minister is a tough job, especially with all the criticism that comes with it. BUT, you would think that after all this time he could tell the mood of the people who are frustrated and very vocal about it, that he would be clued in that there is something wrong. You should have enemies for doing the RIGHT thing, NOT the WRONG.

    5. Thanks, Tara, for your thorough account of this informative and enjoyable talk by Birgit. She was a star to come all that way to share her “Amber Fetish” – or Fetiche, even!! – with us, and it was lovely to see her again.Oh btw, I can’t take any credit for the second photo, as I am in it. : – ) Nigel Butterworth kindly did the honours there!

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    3. mitchell, I had a conversation about that today. It’s not really a mystery. The refs know what side their bread is buttered on. Consult your ESPN front page to see which teams are currently “in favor” with the league, and then try to contain your astonishment as those teams get sickening favoritism from the refs. The contrast in how the refs treated Harden between the two series is especially striking, you’re right.

    4. John Bingham, Father of the 14th Amendment, March 9, 1866 Congressional RecordHe wrote the damn 14th y know…he wanted you dumbots to be damn sure that you knew what was what…"I find no fault with the introductory clause, which is simply declaratory of what is written in the Constitution, that every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of the Constitution itself, a natural-born citizen…"

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    7. Monte Moore? Betty Caywood? Beauty is in the ear of the beholder… Kerouac has missed Tom Hedrick on the KC Chiefs broadcasts ever since he departed post 1970. The others (with the exception of his sidekick, Bill Grigsby) have bored me to tears, Kevin Harlan & all the mediocre requiescat, in pace.

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    2. mnuez is always great for a laugh, with his predictable hostility, his stereotype personality and unclever sarcasm. when the original zionists were analyzing their tribe and finding out just how cramped and corrupt they’d become, they stared the facts in the face and determined to remedy them. not so with galut guys like this character.o, the indignity to be a member of the second rate people the jews have craved to live among for millennia.

    3. All you needed was a bit of fabulously bright Missoni to convert you to the joys of knitwear, Vix! I LOVE how you've styled it, it looks fabulous with your Dollyrockers maxi and all your bling.All the goodies from lovely Krista re so up your alley – she's a great gal! And I am so jealous that you and Clare went chazzing and boozing without ME! I wanna play! Well done Lakota for organising another fab swap, what a geat way to share the love! xxxxx

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    5. Cheryl,I enjoyed reading your blog post and especially finding out about how you give back. What a great way to help others and I love that it is about the process and not the end product! That is really what life is all about, the journey! So happy to be a flysister with you! Cheers to an amazing year ahead! Kris

    6. Jul04norma7 Eu absorvi os conceitos e imagens, apresentados na palestra, pela pele, com sentimentos de pertencimento e foi muito boa a sensação de familiaridade. Mutatis Mutandis! Se libere!+++++++++Ele foi (ainda é – sendo) um daqueles ‘viventes’ que manifestou a sua beleza interior até pela forma física.Bela postura – belo busto (filófoso grego/senador romano/o que fala de Cátedra, porque já vivenciou o fato).EMAHO!Grata e Boa Sorte!(Nando: o 1/4 – está apresentando erro – Tks.) :)*

    7. Hi Elaine,I’m Phoebe, one of your avid silent reader. Started searching for mothers with bubs when I had my first baby in November 17th last year. And read that Laura is pretty much the same age as my son, Louis. He’s half malaysian half french. And we are living in Switzerland.How’s life in Dubai?Well, hope to hear from you soon.

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    4. Leftists drip utopian poison into any society they infect while telling the native citizens that their own supposed sins are all that is really at fault and the Libfilth offer to cleanse the society of its sins by turning the tables (so to speak) and making the successful mere slaves and the unsuccessful the heroes.Libfilth is as Libfilth does.

    5. Quisiera saber si a un bebé de tan sólo un mes y medio de vida, le puede salir su primer diente, ya que mi hija de esa edad tiene un puntito blanco en su encía inferior y desde que le salió eso ha estado llora y llora… incluso yo le toqué su encía y al hacerlo ella lloró muy fuerte.Por eso quisiera saber si es que puede o no salir el primer diente a esa edad, además he oído que algunos bebé nacen con dientes.

    6. The US Senate and House are 100% bought and paid for by the US Israel lobby. They know they can’t hold office without the lobby’s support and are subject to continual propaganda and handouts from it. There’s no hope of any progress being made through our legislature. It seems to me the only hope is through grassroots efforts that may eventually give Obama the courage to defy the lobby and take on Congressional pressure.

    7. hi sirisha, Thanks for writing about this. Our family is in exactly the same soup. As a Goan Catholic married to a Maharashtrian Hindu, my 4-y-o daughter speaks fluent English, Marathi and Hindi, with a few Konkani and Spanish words thrown in. I heard somewhere that up to the age of 5 years, a child can master any number of languages they may be exposed to. These kids sure are lucky.

    8. I hope you have learned at least 2 lessons from Breivik:1. you cannot win democratically.2. you cannot win using terrorism as long as your enemies are in charge of the propaganda machine; Nelson Mandela only pulled it off because the propaganda machine was in his favor.In practice, there are no differences between Breivik and Mandela.

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    10. "And it isn't possible that there are MORE africans in italy than the number who are "officially" there?"I am reading the book In Pursuit of Italy and the author states there are unofficially 20,000 Chinese in Prato, Italy, a town of 186,000, while the govt states there are only 10,000. It's unimaginable. This is Tuscany? I don't understand this world. What are they doing there? I'll bet Italy could have gotten many people of Italian ancestry to move there if they asked.

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    1. I remember seeing that episode of Kung Fu when it aired originally. There’s another scene when Quai Chang is challenging Jodi Foster’s notions and beliefs and when she answers he perks his brows to create doubt. I’ve never, ever forgotten that expression on her face. Or his.I’ve always found Judy Coln2ls&#8i17;s voice soothing and peaceful. I’ll have to dig around for more of her stuff and see what I find.Great job on this, John. GREAT job.

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    1. Hey Tyler, I totally can see where you are coming from as well. I agree that many tattoos fall under a category of idolatry and people don’t even realize it. Appreciate your repsanse!Jorrid

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