Concurso Sesc 2016 – Edital divulgado! Até R$ 5 mil!

O Serviço Social do Comércio (SESC) divulgou, o edital de concurso (Concurso Sesc 2016) para preencher nada menos que 880 vagas em cargos de todos os níveis de escolaridade (fundamental, médio e superior). Os salários oferecidos podem chegar a até R$ 5 mil.


De acordo com o edital publicado, do quantitativo de vagas oferecidas, 77 serão para contratação imediata do SESC, e o restante, 803, para formação de cadastro reserva (convocação conforme necessidade).
Cargos e Vagas Concurso Sesc 2016
Nível Fundamental: Administrador de Portaria, Auxiliar de Serviços Gerais, Vigia, Auxiliar de Cozinha, Merendeiro, Cozinheiro, Salgueiro, Padeiro, Doceiro, Chapista, Açougueiro, Auxiliar de Açougueiro e Saladeiro. Os salários oferecidos oscilam entre R$ 945,00 a R$ 1.749,00.
Nível Médio/Técnico: Assistente de Administração, Auxiliar de Saúde Bucal, Operador de Caixa, Inspetor de Sala, Despenseiro, Auxiliar de Atividades Sociais (AAS). AAS – Recreação, AAS -Áudio e Vídeo, AAS- Nutrição e Dietética. Técnico em Instrução- Corte e Costura, Técnico em Instrução Apresentação Pessoal (Cabeleireiro). Os salários oferecidos oscilam entre R$ 1.029,00 a R$ 2.105,00.
Nível Superior: Advogado, Médico, Cirurgião Dentista, Assistente Técnico-Designer e Multimídia, Assistente Técnico Nutricionista, Assistente Técnico – Contador, Assistente Técnico – Cultura; Orientador Pedagógico, Técnico em Instrução Inglês, Professor/Pedagogo de Ed Infantil e Anos iniciais do Ensino Fundamental,Técnico em Instrução: Guitarra e Contrabaixo, Canto e Teclado. Salários de até R$ 4.950,00.
De acordo com o edital publicado, os aprovados terão direito a vale transporte, plano de saúde: subsidiado-enfermaria – UNIMED ( R$ 208,38), vale alimentação no valor de R$ 374,00.
As inscrições no concurso SESC 2016 serão realizadas, no site da organizadora. A taxa de inscrição será de R$50 para nível fundamental, R$60 para nível médio e R$68 para nível superior.


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  11. Beautiful letter, Jessica. The picture at the end and your words about her make me want to know her more, to know her story more. I get a similar feeling as the one you describe here, the kind of longing to show gratitude for someone you’ve never met, when seeing old pictures or hearing stories of my deceased grandmother. (She died when my mom was 20 years old).

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  23. When we read Romeo and Juliet we think to ourselves that our families wouldn’t be that way, but in truth, our families will be that way if they feel threatened by someone who’s sufficiently different and it’s a real-life tragedy. No playing around with pretending to be dead, please. The little boys will be wounded but they will be more resilient adults. Eventually. Sigh. Sob.

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  26. Dear Marte, I came across your blog and love this post. It certainly fits with my line of work–therapist and poetry therapist in San Francisco!You capture the essence of writing for healing which is to be honest and let the page hold your truth. I love how you came to writing after having all the blank journals. Best wishes, Phyllis

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  38. first of all.. i think it’s great that you’re feeding him only organic food but there’s nothing wrong with getting locally grown produce…it’s healthier for the environment (since your cutting down on supporting businesses shipping food great lengths) and this way you’ll know for sure that the food isn’t processed with anything nasty since you’ll be making it at home… and fresh food always tastes better than packaged food =)

  39. Cat,I so rarely have time to get here but I wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your sacred thread of story in the tapestry. The color and texture of it is so rich, I wish I had hours to hold it and contemplate it. I know it will work on me regardless now that I have taken it in.

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  58. This place is soooo haunted. When I went there I had a very creepy paranormal experience about 6 years ago. I never could find any information about it until I saw it on TV. I walked out of the second floor woman’s washroom and I heard someone shout into my left ear “Hey I think we got him!” As I walking quickly past the stairs I felt an impact in my chest that stopped me in my tracks. I think I was metaphysically shot in the chest. No an everyday occurrence for me.  

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  60. Dear Debbie and FamilyMax and I want to join the many who share your sadness at this time. Dave was a part of our lives back in the day when he was building with Boone and he just became an extended family member at many of our gatherings, especially at Christmas. We feel so thankful that you both went to the effort to join us once again this past year!The world is not a better place without Dave, but I suspect he is flying in the sky or catching a big trout somewhere……….Thinking of you, Roxanne and MaxRelationship: friendsYour City: Lyons

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